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    Do you want to switch from your current insurance provider to BSure, but are dreading all the paperwork and hassle? No need! We’re here to help.

    Our easy switch service

    Cancel with your current provider using our ready-to-send cancellation form. Print, sign and send is all you need to do.

    Here's how our switch service works

    1. Fill out the form

    You will find the requested information in the policy of your current insurance.

    1. Provide your current insurer with the cancellation letter

    Print, sign and bring the letter to your current insurer. If you have proof of insurance for a new period, please also hand this in.

    1. Check if your insurer processes your cancellation

    Usually, you will get a confirmation within 2 to 3 weeks, stating the date on which your current insurance will be canceled.

    1. Buy a new insurance

    When the date at which your current insurance runs out, you can take out a new policy. We hope to welcome you at BSure.


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